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Wanderella has moved to a bigger and better site

  Hello everybody! After two years on, Wanderella has moved to a new self-hosted site and acquired a new identity. I encourage you to check out and bookmark Wanderella Story. Sadly, I cannot automatically bring my current followers with me to the new site, so if you would like to keep receiving updates, you must follow it […]

‘Viaporin kekri’ puts a modern spin on Finland’s forgotten harvest festival

The comeback of Kekri: Finland’s ancient end-of-October harvest festival and the most magical night of the year marked by song, dance, feasting, divination and spell-casting.

One abandoned prison, 200 years of Montenegrin crime and punishment

Should you ever find yourself needing to learn about the criminal history of Montenegro (hey, it could happen!), you needn’t look further than Jusovaca. This Turkish prison, which later became Montenegro’s state prison, hosted inmates from all walks of delinquent life throughout its run from the mid-19th century to the 1960s.

Paradise lost: At the ruins of a Dubrovnik luxury hotel destroyed by war

Deep turquoise waters, roads made of pure marble and enough history to make your head spin; to many, the walled medieval city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is a paradise on Earth. Yet only a short walk from the tourist-infested Old Town lies a grotesque reminder of the seaside resort’s bloody recent history: the ruin of luxury hotel Belvedere, destroyed during the 1991-1992 Siege of Dubrovnik.

A Tale of Two Cities: Visiting a Soviet ghost town hiding behind another

A true forbidden city, Soviet nuclear missile base Vogelsang in Brandenburg, Germany was always self-contained and off-limits to all non-residents, including its neighbors.

Blub Spassbad: Welcome to Berlin’s Day Spa of the Dead

Like all Spassbads in the world, Blub Spassbad was always about indulging your impulses with full abandon. From its opening in 1985 to its gradual closing in the 2000’s, Blub was where the good people of West Berlin would come for a quick and easy escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Playing treasure hunt in a ghost town left behind by the Nazis and Soviets

Built by the Nazis and overtaken by the Red Army in 1945, Potsdam’s Krampnitz Kaserne is like Disneyland for the urban explorer. I visited the ghost town over the Easter holidays.