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‘Viaporin kekri’ puts a modern spin on Finland’s forgotten harvest festival

The comeback of Kekri: Finland’s ancient end-of-October harvest festival and the most magical night of the year marked by song, dance, feasting, divination and spell-casting.


This little French village hides an ‘Abode of Chaos’

A brainchild of Lyon artist Thierry Ehrmann, the Abode of Chaos has been called many things: a “Banksy image come to life”, “a symbol of resistance against our institutionalized Orwellian art world” and “a terrifying post-apocalyptic junkyard”.

The High Line brings nature back to Manhattan

The High Line is arguably one of the world’s best-known urban agriculture projects. Built on the elevated former New York Central Railroad in the Lower West Manhattan, the aerial greenway and public park provides a leafy 1.6 kilometre passage through the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton. Residents of the neighborhood love it for […]

This Tallinn site is where the Olympic dream goes to die

Here on this blog we see a lot of hidden and semi-hidden places with little to no information freely available about them. That is not the case with Tallinn’s Linnahall. A vast abandoned function center overlooking the Baltic Sea, it is a familiar, if not necessarily pleasant, sight to tourists and locals alike. Access is […]

Left but not forgotten: The Fastholma villa

Long time no blog! The past six months have been gruelingly busy with very little time left for adventuring. The season, too, has been hands-down the worst we’ve had in years. Instead of snow drifts, clear-blue skies and winter funtimes, South Finland has been dealt slush, gloom and whole months with literally no sunlight at […]

That one time I got lost in the underground complex of an old slaughterhouse

The headline is a bit of a dramatization of what was actually a fun little Saturday afternoon adventure with friends a bit over a week ago, courtesy of Open House Helsinki. This annual three-day event, which I am predictably a big fan of, gives the public a rare opportunity to visit spaces that are normally […]

“I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary” – or do I?

The story of how I found the Helsinki Pet Cemetary is a funny one. Nestled right against my usual running trail in the Central Park, it had somehow escaped by attention until kekri (or Samhain, or Halloween, or whatever end-of-October-beginning-of-November spooky celebration you prefer) eve two years ago. Now, on the most fearsome day of […]