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A Tale of Two Cities: Visiting a Soviet ghost town hiding behind another

A true forbidden city, Soviet nuclear missile base Vogelsang in Brandenburg, Germany was always self-contained and off-limits to all non-residents, including its neighbors.


Blub Spassbad: Welcome to Berlin’s Day Spa of the Dead

Like all Spassbads in the world, Blub Spassbad was always about indulging your impulses with full abandon. From its opening in 1985 to its gradual closing in the 2000’s, Blub was where the good people of West Berlin would come for a quick and easy escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Playing treasure hunt in a ghost town left behind by the Nazis and Soviets

Built by the Nazis and overtaken by the Red Army in 1945, Potsdam’s Krampnitz Kaserne is like Disneyland for the urban explorer. I visited the ghost town over the Easter holidays.

This Tallinn site is where the Olympic dream goes to die

Here on this blog we see a lot of hidden and semi-hidden places with little to no information freely available about them. That is not the case with Tallinn’s Linnahall. A vast abandoned function center overlooking the Baltic Sea, it is a familiar, if not necessarily pleasant, sight to tourists and locals alike. Access is […]