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A Tale of Two Cities: Visiting a Soviet ghost town hiding behind another

A true forbidden city, Soviet nuclear missile base Vogelsang in Brandenburg, Germany was always self-contained and off-limits to all non-residents, including its neighbors.


Playing treasure hunt in a ghost town left behind by the Nazis and Soviets

Built by the Nazis and overtaken by the Red Army in 1945, Potsdam’s Krampnitz Kaserne is like Disneyland for the urban explorer. I visited the ghost town over the Easter holidays.

Candy cube living: Munich student village

One of the places I really enjoyed exploring in Munich was the Olympic Village. It wasn’t home to just the closed-down München Olympiastadion station, which was what initially brought me there. I was equally enthralled to discover an active, bustling, even noisy residential area, where lush balcony gardens and abundant green spaces truly brought out […]

Tracks to nowhere: München Olympiastadion Station

A month after my return from Munich, I have finally sorted through most of my travel photos. Time to get this blog started! This will mainly be a place for me to chronicle my ever-so-slow progress as a photographer. I bought my first proper camera in May, so shooting in manual is still a very […]