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New Year’s Stroll at Lyon’s Abandoned Fort Loyasse

Fort Loyasse is a relic of a now improbable-seeming time when the biggest external threat to France was the then-fearsome military power of Austria.


Take a stroll through Montreal’s industrial past at the Lachine Canal

We take off at the abandoned Old Montreal Malting Factory and arrive at the abandoned Silo #5, because that’s just the kind of symmetry the Lachine Canal lends itself to.

This Tallinn site is where the Olympic dream goes to die

Here on this blog we see a lot of hidden and semi-hidden places with little to no information freely available about them. That is not the case with Tallinn’s Linnahall. A vast abandoned function center overlooking the Baltic Sea, it is a familiar, if not necessarily pleasant, sight to tourists and locals alike. Access is […]

The dark underbelly of Hipstertown, Tallinn: Kalamaja’s abandoned village

Warning: This post has a very scary bunker in it! After spending Easter in Kuressaare, we headed back to Tallinn for one more night of youthful fun before returning home. The plan was to check out the up-and-coming district of Kalamaja and its infamous Patarei sea fortress-prison, but arriving there we saw that Patarei hadn’t […]

Walking on a dream in Old Tbilisi

I recently spent nine days vacationing in Georgia, and what excellent days they were! Neither I nor my special person had ever been to this part of the world before, so we were more than happy to explore it together. Besides the capital city Tbilisi, we had the chance to visit the birth place of […]

Candy cube living: Munich student village

One of the places I really enjoyed exploring in Munich was the Olympic Village. It wasn’t home to just the closed-down München Olympiastadion station, which was what initially brought me there. I was equally enthralled to discover an active, bustling, even noisy residential area, where lush balcony gardens and abundant green spaces truly brought out […]

Tracks to nowhere: München Olympiastadion Station

A month after my return from Munich, I have finally sorted through most of my travel photos. Time to get this blog started! This will mainly be a place for me to chronicle my ever-so-slow progress as a photographer. I bought my first proper camera in May, so shooting in manual is still a very […]