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‘Viaporin kekri’ puts a modern spin on Finland’s forgotten harvest festival

The comeback of Kekri: Finland’s ancient end-of-October harvest festival and the most magical night of the year marked by song, dance, feasting, divination and spell-casting.


Unequal neighborhoods: Visiting Jakomäentie 4 in its final days

Demolished in late 2014, this apartment block was a disdained and contested, but nevertheless important part of Helsinki working-class history.

This hoarder’s house is a veritable return to innocence

Sometimes, just sometimes the outside of an abandoned building has so many stories to tell that you’re not even sorry that you didn’t get to see it from the inside. Such is the case of the famous little red house on Veturitie 12, Helsinki.

From diesel to dust: Two generations of Finnish rail nostalgia

On a rail yard in Helsinki, discarded trains are waiting for their final fate as the area faces a complete makeover.

Left but not forgotten: The Fastholma villa

Long time no blog! The past six months have been gruelingly busy with very little time left for adventuring. The season, too, has been hands-down the worst we’ve had in years. Instead of snow drifts, clear-blue skies and winter funtimes, South Finland has been dealt slush, gloom and whole months with literally no sunlight at […]

That one time I got lost in the underground complex of an old slaughterhouse

The headline is a bit of a dramatization of what was actually a fun little Saturday afternoon adventure with friends a bit over a week ago, courtesy of Open House Helsinki. This annual three-day event, which I am predictably a big fan of, gives the public a rare opportunity to visit spaces that are normally […]

“I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary” – or do I?

The story of how I found the Helsinki Pet Cemetary is a funny one. Nestled right against my usual running trail in the Central Park, it had somehow escaped by attention until kekri (or Samhain, or Halloween, or whatever end-of-October-beginning-of-November spooky celebration you prefer) eve two years ago. Now, on the most fearsome day of […]