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This factory once made a village rich and now it sits abandoned

Inside the factory vandalism virtually stops. It is as if the place hasn’t been touched by anything besides the passage of time – and possibly a resident kit of insanely loud pigeons.


“Silophone” turns Montreal’s abandoned Silo no. 5 into a giant sonic instrument

One hundred years ago, the giant of Montreal’s industrial past could “hold over five million bushels of grain or enough wheat to fill 30 Olympic-size swimming pools or make over 230 million loaves of bread”. Today, a local artist collective brings you sounds created in its vast cylinders – and I bring you pictures.

Saying goodbye to the coal era at the disused Salem Harbor Power Plant

In the historic seaside town of Salem, Massachusetts, an era has come to an end – and it has nothing to do with witches. The coal-fired Salem Harbor Power Plant, a source of long-standing controversy as well as an important part of local history, was closed down on 1 June this year. The plant is […]