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One abandoned prison, 200 years of Montenegrin crime and punishment

Should you ever find yourself needing to learn about the criminal history of Montenegro (hey, it could happen!), you needn’t look further than Jusovaca. This Turkish prison, which later became Montenegro’s state prison, hosted inmates from all walks of delinquent life throughout its run from the mid-19th century to the 1960s.


A Tale of Two Cities: Visiting a Soviet ghost town hiding behind another

A true forbidden city, Soviet nuclear missile base Vogelsang in Brandenburg, Germany was always self-contained and off-limits to all non-residents, including its neighbors.

Playing treasure hunt in a ghost town left behind by the Nazis and Soviets

Built by the Nazis and overtaken by the Red Army in 1945, Potsdam’s Krampnitz Kaserne is like Disneyland for the urban explorer. I visited the ghost town over the Easter holidays.

New Year’s Stroll at Lyon’s Abandoned Fort Loyasse

Fort Loyasse is a relic of a now improbable-seeming time when the biggest external threat to France was the then-fearsome military power of Austria.