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Practicing silliness in an abandoned government facility in Pirkanmaa: Part 2/2

As soon as we entered the second half of the building, the large sun-filled rooms got significantly smaller; the wide corridors narrower and labyrinth-y. This was clearly where the administrative functions and the health care services had been concentrated. Some spaces were easily identifiable as offices, reception desks, lobbies and doctors’ and nurses’ rooms, while the […]

Practicing Silliness in an Abandoned Government Facility in Pirkanmaa: Part 1/2

My latest outing took me to the beautiful region of Pirkanmaa, Finland. I’d been tipped off about an abandoned school, but what I, accompanied by a good friend, found was a former government multi-function center complete with a kindergarten, health care and social services, supported living apartments and a small press, among many unidentified spaces. […]