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A Tale of Two Cities: Visiting a Soviet ghost town hiding behind another

A true forbidden city, Soviet nuclear missile base Vogelsang in Brandenburg, Germany was always self-contained and off-limits to all non-residents, including its neighbors.


The Little House of Christ in the Espoo Suburbs

Pastel-colored religious books, trippy cat art and doilies everywhere – this abandoned house could only have belonged to two sisters that lived and died together serving Christ.

Unequal neighborhoods: Visiting Jakomäentie 4 in its final days

Demolished in late 2014, this apartment block was a disdained and contested, but nevertheless important part of Helsinki working-class history.

This hoarder’s house is a veritable return to innocence

Sometimes, just sometimes the outside of an abandoned building has so many stories to tell that you’re not even sorry that you didn’t get to see it from the inside. Such is the case of the famous little red house on Veturitie 12, Helsinki.

Wild Cows and Modern Ruins: On Foot in Kazbegi and Gergeti

Where can you explore abandoned buildings while being stared at by wild cows? Probably in a lot of places around the world, now that I think of it, but I’m not talking about a lot of places here. I’m talking about the villages of Kazbegi and Gergeti, Georgia. The second stop of our Great Georgian […]

Walking on a dream in Old Tbilisi

I recently spent nine days vacationing in Georgia, and what excellent days they were! Neither I nor my special person had ever been to this part of the world before, so we were more than happy to explore it together. Besides the capital city Tbilisi, we had the chance to visit the birth place of […]

Left but not forgotten: The Fastholma villa

Long time no blog! The past six months have been gruelingly busy with very little time left for adventuring. The season, too, has been hands-down the worst we’ve had in years. Instead of snow drifts, clear-blue skies and winter funtimes, South Finland has been dealt slush, gloom and whole months with literally no sunlight at […]